Forget anything else with diamond painting!

Forget anything else!

Have great fun with diamond painting!

Have great fun!

Enjoy beautiful art with diamond painting!

Enjoy YOUR beautiful art!


diamond painting customer show 01

Annnnnddd finished :) How amazing it looks. I love art and horses come together. Cannot get enough of watching it. You should definitely try.

Customer diamond painting example 02

Great product. Everything is well packed. Very beautiful. Many diamonds remained. It was my first time I started not with the smallest but a bit bigger one. I enjoyed it a lot. For my next one I bought a bigger size. I think the resolution will be higher. I can't wait.  Definitely recommend.

customer diamond painting example 03

Very quickly delivered. Without damage. Made for the first time. Very beautiful. All colors match the picture.

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How diamond painting works?

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Great fun

Rhinestone diamond painting is great fun and relaxing.

How it works

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Looks amazing

Here are some examples of how diamond paintings look astonishing:

The bigger, the more detailed & beautiful

The bigger the canvas is, the more detailed & beautiful the diamond painting will be.

The below diamond painting has a big size. You can see how detailed and beautiful it looks.

The reason is that as the canvas gets bigger, the size of the rhinestones (called also diamonds or drills) does not change. For bigger canvases more rhinestones will be used for the same part of the pictures. That makes the painting more detailed and more beautiful. (Of course, bigger canvases takes more time to complete, but the result will be much more astonishing).

The package you will receive includes

As shown in the below picture package includes

  • Canvas (self adhesive, you just put the rhinestones on their places and they stick to canvas)
  • Safe packaging: The canvas is rolled on a cylinder to prevent folding
  • Rhinestone packets with all the colors needed for the painting bought
  • Rhinestone pen
  • Pen head to hold 3 rhinestones (drills) at the same time
  • Pen head to hold 9 rhinestones (drills) at the same time
  • Plastic plate (tray) to put rhinestones on it
  • Tweezers
  • Pink material to be put to the tip of the pen to enable holding rhinestones with the pen (you may watch the video above to see how it is used)

Square rhinestones

No empty spaces stay between square rhinestones when they are put on the canvas.

Round rhinestones

Little empty spaces stay between round rhinestones when they are put on the canvas.

Here is how diamond painting works in 3 steps

Step 1

As shown in the picture below, on the canvas you will see symbols. Each symbol represents one color of rhinestones, which you need to put on that symbol. Using the table on the canvas you can match the symbols on the canvas with the numbers on the rhinestone bags. This way you will find which color of rhinestones you need to put on each different symbol.

Step 2

As shown below pour the rhinestones you will use next on the plate. Shake the plate slightly and then arrange the rhinestones.

Step 3

As shown below and in the video above, drill a small part from the pink material with the tip of your pen or pen heads. The material will stay at the tip of your pen or pen heads, this enables you to take the rhinestones with your pen and put them on the canvas on their respective symbols.

Place the rhinestones on their symbols on the canvas, continue until all canvas is covered with rhinestones and when completed enjoy your great and beautiful work :).

Here are some more examples of  amazing rhinestone paintings

You can put your work on the wall or anywhere and it will look great, dining room, study, office...