Refund Policy

For refund request, kindly send us an email to Below you can find the details for our refund policy and procedure.

After we create your princess image, we will send you an email containing or directing you to a low-resolution version of the image so that you can confirm that you liked the image. At this stage if you do not like the image, you can tell us via email what you did not like and we may try to update the image. After this update, if you still do not like it and if you want to have a refund, you need to send us an email mentioning your refund request to within the refund period which is within 3 business days after you received the email containing or directing you to the updated low-resolution image  and we will give you a full refund. After this refund period, we will not be able to give a refund. If you confirm that you liked the low-resolution version of the image, we will send you the high-resolution final image to you. Since you confirmed that you liked the image, after confirmation we cannot give any refund.

Late or missing refunds

Depending on different banks' processing times refund process can take some time, in most cases 7-14 days and sometimes it can be more depending on the banks.

Normally there should not be any issues but If you haven’t received the refund after 14 days, you can always contact us at, but we suggest you to contact your bank first, because there is often some processing time of the banks (this might differ depending on bank) before a refund is posted and often they will inform you about the progress.