Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Will I receive tracking number for the shipment?

Yes, but it will take up to 48 hours tracking number to be created, and we will send your tracking number to your email as soon as the tracking number is created.

Shipping times and rates?

You can always see our shipping times and rates by clicking the shipping link in our top menu or bottom menu. 

Refund policy?

You can always see our refund policy by clicking the refund link in our top menu or bottom menu. 

Who is Jirafo?

You can find information about Jirafo by clicking the About Jirafo link in our top menu or bottom menu and see our about us page we prepared for you.

Is payment on Jirafo secure?

All payments in Jirafo are secure and encrypted. 

Questions About Jirafo Laces

Is it easy to install no-tie shoelaces on to my shoes?

Yes very easy. You may watch the installation video on our website.

How can I put on my shoe after I install Jirafo laces, without untying them?

Again very easy, since Jirafo laces are elastic, it is very easy put your shoes on like a slip-on. All you need to do is to slide your foot into your shoe when used with Jirafo laces.