About Jirafo

Hi there! 

Are you wondering who is Jirafo? 

Jirafo founded with the aim of providing you with high-quality shoelaces. 

Why shoelaces? 

When we were little, it was fun to learn how to tie shoelaces. And again when we were little, one of the most heard warnings from our family members was “Attention! Your laces came undone, tie them or you can hurt yourself! ” ☺ 

And ever since and still, every day, going to school, to work, to gym, to shopping, to theatre, we have to put our shoes on, soooo we have to tie and untie our laces (of course except shoes without laces ☺). It is not so practical for our backs and we loose time tying untying our shoes.

And when they come undone?...

They get wet in rain, create a mess in shoe cabinets, do not look cool at all, get dirty... So we decided to come up with a solution which is Jirafo laces and we wanted to share it with you!  

These laces will ease your daily life and if you would like, color your life, because Jirafo provides you with a large scale of color range. 

For any question or inquiry feel free to email us at support@jirafo.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Jirafo wants to be improved to provide better products and better services, so we will do our best to answer all your questions and demands. 

Now, you know what to do! 

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