Time Management - The 2 Rules

I would like to talk about how you can manage your time better both in your personal and professional life. And it might have some different aspects from the articles on this subject you might have read before.

Having graduated from one of the best universities in the country with a master's degree as the best student, having worked at two of the biggest companies of the world in different countries for long years and having established my own company I learned a lot in time management. But I also achieved to apply what I learned in my professional life about time management to my personal life and I am very happy with it. I will share with you what I learned and what helped me a lot and hopefully you will benefit from them as well.

Basically there are 2 rules which you will see below and that is basically it.

There are 24 hours in a day for everyone in the world. There are no exceptions as far as I know :). But we see some people achieving a lot more than the others. So clearly some people manage their time better than the others. (Some may say that some people are luckier than the others. That could be true. But there are many people who started very unlucky in life, but achieved a lot more than the others who were luckier.)

Rule 1: The first and the most important thing to do before even starting to time management is having chosen a goal or goals that will make you happy. This is actually not applied by many people.

For example there are extremely rich people who are extremely unhappy. Being extremely rich is not a simple job as you might agree, most of these people dedicate their life to their jobs and sacrifice almost everything else. So these extremely rich people probably decided that their goal is to become extremely rich and they managed their time according to this goal. In the end they achieved their goal, which means they managed their time amazingly. But if they are extremely unhappy, it means that they have not chosen the right goal for themselves which will make them happy and in this case even a perfect time management does not mean anything.

So before time management you must first think about your goal(s). Think what really will make you happy. Different people can find happiness in different things. You should think, what would make you happy.

When you decide on your goal(s), then you can start your time management.

Depending on different goals and what you are going through in your life, management of your time in its details will differ.

But there is a guide you can follow: Rule 2: You should spend more and more time on the things that help more to achieve your goals and less and less time on the things that do not help as much to achieve your goals. You may not realize this overnight, it will probably take time. But by gradually changing things in your life, you will be better and better in this.

That is basically it. If you want, read it again, think about it. And if you wish, give it a try.

Wish you happiness and all the good things.