Is Having Dreams Good For Us?

Ever since I was a child, I always loved watching cartoons, animations. Actually I am still watching them and I enjoy them almost as much as I did when I was a child. When I watch cartoons with my daughter, people might say that I am watching to entertain her, but actually most of the time, I enjoy as much as she does :).

They somehow make you live the story and most importantly believe in it. The character achieves something they desperately wanted or the character is now understood by their family or community, or any other good things. Yes, I believed in those things, when I watched them. I believed at least that those things were possible.

But at a certain stage of my life, this belief had a downside for me. I started to think that life was not as portrayed in those movies. Although I still loved those movies, at that time I was angry at them as well because I thought that they were creating expectations in me, which actually cannot be realized in real life and those unfulfilled expectations resulted in some disappointments in me.

But then, after years, things that I saw in those cartoon movies started to happen in my life. I started to reach dreams.

Then I realized one thing. Actually good things happen in one's life. Just they don’t happen easily. They take a lot of work, patience, time, failures, exploring and trying new ways. Sometimes you think that you worked already very much, waited very much, failed, tried different ways already many times and you say that it should have happened by now and if it did not happen yet you get furious and disappointed. I know, because I was in the same place. But the thing is that it is not up to us to decide what is sufficient to reach our dreams. We might have dreams, and goals but we do not know how much work, time, failure, trials it takes to achieve them. If we want to reach our dreams we need to keep on working and trying until we reach them, not until we reach a point we think is sufficient.

There are some studies, analyzing why some smaller, unprivileged countries are economically in better conditions than many others. The study says that the people in those countries fail more. They fail and fail and fail and do not give up until they achieve their dream or their dream that is updated along the way that will make them happy as well. And most people fail once, twice or fail not enough times and they give up before reaching their dreams.

I cannot promise you anything, but it worked for me as well. Failing is normal and most of the time essential and very beneficial because you learn a lot from your failure. When you fail, analyze why you have failed. You will improve, become better and do better next time. Then when you fail again, analyze the new failure, and you will improve, become better again, and do even better next time, and so on. Try different ways, maybe divide the way to your dreams into smaller, more chewable pieces and proceed one step at a time.

In my opinion, life is not a sprint but a marathon. Those cartoon movies (of course not all of them but enough of them) are summarizing a certain stage of a character in one or two hours which actually takes years in one’s life. It is normal that you do not reach your dreams overnight and it requires the necessary effort and time.

And also don’t forget that those characters face incredible obstacles, enemies as well. They fail many times against them, but after many failures eventually, they evolve, become better and know how to overcome the obstacles and enemies. So do not expect to reach your dreams without facing many and severe obstacles and people with bad intentions as well.

Do one small step every day. You will evolve, be better every time you try, every time you fail and when you evolved enough, you might reach at least many of your dreams. Just do not give up and try different ways!

Wish you a happy life :)